A 2016 Reflection from a New Jewelry Line Owner

December 31, 2016 2 Comments

Hi beautiful Friends, 

It's almost time.  Whether you're clothed in your eggplant velvet OTS Nicolas dress or something more casual, or perhaps you're adorned in your silk Natori nighty, the final hours of 2016 are right before us.  At C.J.ROCKER, we prepared ourselves for 2017 by setting goals for the year ahead, reflecting on the past 365 days and giving thanks and love to all.  It's been a very exciting year for us here.  We launched a dream that has been years in the making and not without fear, obstacles and a few tears.  As we look back, we all can't help but smile and feel a sense of pride at all that has been accomplished.  From the moment where the name "C.J.ROCKER" was born, to contract negotiations then to sample testing, it has been a truly incredible ride.  To website development, our first photoshoot, to the very minute on November 28th, 2016 at 10:14 PM when cjrocker.com finally had a place in this world, the adventure has far surpassed whatever our imaginations could have conjured up, and believe me, some of us here have pretty wild imaginations.  

As I personally reflect on my own year, I have nothing but a genuine smile on my face.  2016, this is what you were to me: 

Letting go of Easy. A simple call that altered everything. Personal growth on freakin' steroids. A wink. A napkin. A pole. A wall. The love. Playing big. The actual appearance of a real life Ninja on a ranch. Roomy "ah ha" moments. Rediscovering the ROCKSTAR that was inside all along. Understanding that happiness is a choice, as is fear. Home run celebrations with amazing human beings. The moment with Mum when a name was born - C.J. ROCKER. Tearful examples of how to be a true giver. New life long friendships to be. Outdoor movie nights and all that came with them. The weekend I started to dream big. Saying "see you" to 7 years of friendships and comfort...and health/dental benefits. Picnics. Not sleeping for a quarter of your 365 days. Endless patios and perfect late night rooftop moments. Life altering scripts. Wine. So much wine. And beautiful conversations about life reflections, 2017 goals, true love, colonizing Mars, parenting and a million other topics that flowed in between every sip. Let me not forget to mention the ridiculous amounts of insane laughter at inappropriate hours of the night. The first time fingers traced over the C.J.ROCKER engraved logo. 5 am meltdowns. New pairs of eyes on 300 pages written so very long ago. A photoshoot.  The birth of three babies. Heartbreaking dinner confessions. Food for my soul sister bonding, wine spills included. Owning my greatness. No longer defending what I believe because I am OK with not easy. And last but not least, wholeheartedly trusting that my life will play out as it should, and that it will be hella #badass.  I am so ready for 2017.  

Whatever comes to your mind as you conduct your own reflections, we here at C.J.ROCKER are behind you, wishing you all that life has to offer.  We have no doubt that you will change the world because your love, talent and power will shine bright next year and every year beyond.  And if sadness is what you feel when you think back, change that.  You have the ability to alter how you feel about your past, change it so that you feel peace instead.  Follow that dream.  The one that terrifies you at the very thought.  The one that is constantly in the back of you mind, whispering "don't forget me."  If you're looking for the perfect time to make your life the best that it can be, today is it.  

And so, on these final hours of 2016, we wish you the Happiest New Years yet.  Be safe, happy, loving and giving.  We will see you in 2017.

All our love.




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Stephanie F
Stephanie F

January 09, 2017

This reflection is so motivating and uplifting. It really gives a perspective into the life of C.J.ROCKER. I love my pieces and wore them throughout the holiday season. I received so many praises and compliments on them. Happy New Year to you and much success in 2017.


December 31, 2016

Happy New Year to you. This is such a beautifully honest and inspiring post. It’s lovely to be able to read such intimate words from a company and I wish you all the success in 2017. I ordered a few necklaces and a bangle for myself and just received them today. I can’t tell you how much I love the meaning for each piece. I will be wearing my Chill the F! Out bangle tonight during my NYE celebrations.

A customer for life.

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