Chokers, Cuffs and Crystals - Oh My! A Look at the Spring/Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends

February 16, 2017 4 Comments


2017 has taken off with such a rush, somehow the month of January has left us looking back wondering where the heck the days have gone.  It's been quite a whirlwind for us over here, planning and designing our Spring/Summer collection with such focus and love, we can't wait to unveil it.  Whats also got us crazy excited are the trends of 2017.  Think major statement pieces, more chokers and bling arm candy!  We had you at statement pieces didn't we, because who doesn't love to make a statement!  Okay, so let's run this down.

Statement Necklaces

Forget the small and simple because in 2017, bigger is better (um yes!).   We're looking at long chains with outstanding pendents that add boldness and that deserve the hashtag #bossbae.  Whether it be metals, pearls or colorful stones, anything goes as long as it would be offended if you ever called it "dainty".  

Statement necklaces 2017 jewelry trends


The Raw Stones 

Crystals, minerals, healing stones, no matter what you call them, you'll see lots of them this season!  Goodness, how we love these rocks, considering we did name our self ROCKer!  So to see raw stones return with a vengeance this season may have caused a few high pitched squeals in the office.  We're talking uncut amethyst, quartz and turquoise, all of our favorite little goodies font and center finally grabbing all the attention they deserve.  

Raw minerals and crystals 2017 jewelry trends


Arm Cuff Over Sleeves

Every arm cuff in every jewelry box is rejoicing!  This year, our beloved bangles no longer need to get lost under it's enemy, the sleeve.  Proudly can it sit, confidently on trend over your #ootd, snug on top of your fabric like a tiara on a pretty head.  And really, why should you spend time selecting the right arm candy only to have it hidden under cotton or silk?  And the 3/4 sleeve roll up isn't actually ideal to every outfit.  Really it's a win - win for all, and we're all about win - wins. 

Arm bracelets 2017 jewelry trends


Chokers Big and Small

We do love chokers and this season, any size goes.  From the super fine leather string adorned with crystal detail to major neck wrapping works of art, you're good either way.  Chokers have a way of adding class if you've decided to go edgy and edgy if you've gone classy, yet always with a hint of flirtation.  

Chokers 2017 jewelry trends


 The Ear Cuff With A Twist 

The ear cuff is also back with a vengeance this season but with a caveat!  Simple, crystal cuffs will no longer fly.  We're looking at unique details smartly partnered to bring the cuff to new statement piece status.  From embellished chains, spikes galore and healthy doses of freshwater pearls, our ears have never been more front and center.  

Ear cuff earrings 2017 jewelry trends

 And there you have it friends, 2017 will be a year of boldly announcing when you enter a room, so make sure you do.  And shouldn't that always be the case, anyway?  No matter what you do in life, make a statement, go big, scream; don't whisper.  And, whatever pieces you choose to adorn you, please make sure you love them, you're too amazing to sport mediocre jewelry.  

Slay the day, ROCKSTARS.




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4 Responses

Erin Smith-Lopper
Erin Smith-Lopper

February 22, 2017

OHHH! I’m glad to see that chokers are still in. Great article and really cool jewelry. I ordered the JEDI and CHILL bangles in rose gold, I adore them and always get compliments whenever I wear them.

Beatrice Devon
Beatrice Devon

February 22, 2017

Really cool post. I love all of these and can’t wait to see your new collection! I also really enjoy your Instagram feed. Keep it up!

Jennifer P
Jennifer P

February 22, 2017

Great spring trends. Love the cuff over sleeves!

Nicole V
Nicole V

February 21, 2017

Thanks for this trends report, it’s super helpful and I love all that this season has to offer!

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