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The 2023 New Beginnings Gala

We are in sincere gratitude. $20,000 and counting...

Welcome to the evening of New Beginnings – our fourth annual fundraiser dedicated to victims and survivors of trafficking. On October 21st, 2023, at the enchanting Arcadian Loft in Toronto, we came together to make a difference in the lives of those affected by sexual exploitation.

We had a goal of donating $15,000. I had a secret goal of $20,000.  We proudly left Saturday with an amazing total of $15,469.  But that $20,000 weighed on my heart. I am so proud to announce that with some very generous post-gala donations, we have met that secret goal.  Every cent of it is destined to bring hope and freedom to sexually exploited children in South East Asia through One Body Village Canada. This $20,000 will fund their operations for another three years. 

We welcomed the largest number of guests for our galas to date and were honoured to have three remarkable speakers who educated on sexual trafficking prevention, Canadian statistics, and shared with us their "why". There were tears, shock, and most importantly, a room filled with inspiration.

We launched the anticipated BEGIN AGAIN Collection, captivating pieces that transport you to the serene shores of the Mediterranean ocean. Crafted with a blend of lustrous turquoise stones, pearl detailing, and rose quartz, each accessory exudes a sense of lightness and freedom, reminiscent of tranquil waters. "In designing this collection, I tried to encapsulate how I wanted the girls we support to feel. The peace of the turquoise waters, their childhoods restored with every crashing wave, the sound soothing their little hearts.  Not a care in the world - only the promise of a new beginning." 

The theme of "New Beginnings" was not just a title; it was a promise. With our cumulative donation equalling almost $60,000 for One Body Village Canada, and with the total dollars raised sstanding at $72,158 for this most important cause, you have given these girls a chance at a new life. Some have returned to school, in a country where dreams are often sacrificed for survival. Others have embarked on vocational training to become self sufficient. A few have even embraced the bonds of marriage. And many more were able to safely return home to their families, to be children once again. 

New Beginnings was more than an event; it was a testament to the extraordinary change that is possible when we unite with a common purpose. 

To our most amazing guests, donors, partners and sponsors, thank you for being a part of this incredible ride. Together, we provided a new life for these brave little souls, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey towards a new beginning.



CJR 2023 Gala

 Photos generously sponsored by Alnoor Meralli 

 THANK YOU to our sponsors