The 2019 BREAK FREE Fundraiser Gala

Join us on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 for the third annual C.J.ROCKER fundraiser gala in support of victims and survivors of sex trafficking.  This year, we will once again be raising funds and raising awareness for One Body Village Canada who exists to ensure that every child on this earth deserves to be free from abuse and sexual exploitation.  This years gala theme is BREAKING FREE.  Help us, help children break free from the grips of their tormentors, break free from captivity, and from the cycle of feeling unloved. 

Unable to attend, we hope you'll consider helping us reach our goal of raising $17,000 to rescue as many children forced into the sex trade as possible. 


Thank you for not simply believing that every person deserves to be free of sexual slavery, thank you for doing something about it.

The 2019 BREAK FREE Fundraiser Gala | C.J.ROCKER ...