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Shirley Sze

Shirley Sze, founder and award winning designer of C.J.ROCKER is a self-taught jewelry designer has made it a personal mission to advocate for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.  Shirley is passionate about growing a female-led business, which has seen enormous growth in popularity since the brand’s inception in 2017.  Donating up to 25% from every purchase to the two charities that she partners with, One Body Village Canada and Covenant House, C.J.ROCKER has raised over $50,000 to those forced into trafficking. Known for hosting memorable fundraiser galas, Shirley believes her calling is through service.  


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Her pieces represent inner balance and strength, she hand-selects the gemstones used in her collections and many of her necklaces are accompanied with a message dedicated to that piece.  Shirley has more than once found her customers shedding tears as they read the messages. 

Having left her full time executive 9-5 career in Marketing and Media in 2016 she quickly got to work on building her dream brand.  The the inception of C.J.ROCKER began in a tent, in San Francisco. With little else but a pen and a notepad, Shirley scriber the company's mission and planned their first fundraiser gala. 

 Shirley - Gala