Attract + ENERGY

I am responsible for the energy that I bring forth; hence, I will be the energy that I want to attract.  What I radiate out into this world, I will receive in return. I have 86,400 seconds today; I shall use one to smile.  And another to be the cause of more smiles created around me.  I wear this necklace as a reminder that positive energy yields positive results.  And positive results will change my life, along with the world.  I am ready.

I will always and forever ROCK this world!

  • Necklace is accompanied by a reminder card containing the above message
  • Packaged in a jewelry box and velvet bag both with C.J.ROCKER logo
  • 12" length chain with lobster clasp
  • Available in gold or silver coated brass
  • A portion of every purchase goes to survivors of trafficking.  Over $50,000 donated to date