A Gift Guide for ROCKSTARS

December 08, 2016 4 Comments

Hi lovely Friends, 

As we maneuver around the overcrowded and chaotic retail establishments of our lovely cities, let us remember our yoga breath.  And as we pound the keyboard with Google search after Google search in the hopes of finding The One, let us pause for even a moment and feel the happiness that comes with having loved ones to shop for in the first place.  That we have the means to take part in the search.  That we can make someone else smile.  Now with that moment out of the way, and the frantic-ness settling back in, the hunt continues.  The gift. 

At C.J.ROCKER, we believe in supporting those who exemplify the grace, kindness and strength that the world needs more of.  And so, because we know each of these #bossgirls and #bossmen personally, we can confidently say the world would benefit from having more amazing human beings like them.  

These are their business babies.  We support them and we hope you will, too.

 Canada Bliss

Canada Bliss - Dreams Fur Pom Pom crochet knit Baby Alpaca Beanie 



 The NOBIS Tula Jacket

Nobis - The Tula Jacket

$1145 CAD

Pascual Studios 97 Clutch

Pascual Studio - 97 Clutch in silver (currently sold out but there are so many other amazing creations available)

$650 CAD


Happy shopping, beautiful people!



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December 11, 2016

Love that jacket! I like how this gift guide supports people who have supported you and whom you know vs big business. It brings an element of giving to the guide. Happy holidays :)

Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan

December 09, 2016

Thanks for this gift guide, I really love the items. I was also wondering when the 20% and free bangle promo was going to end. i will send an email through CONTACT US. Thanks

Jennifer Jetsen
Jennifer Jetsen

December 08, 2016

Just purchased a few items as gifts (thanks for the 20% off and the free CHILL THE F! OUT BANGLE!). Decided to stop by your blog and wanted to tell you that I LOVE this gift guide! I love the cute pom pom hat and will check out Canada Bliss.

Can’t wait to receive my purchase, I see on your FAQ page that it should take about 3 days, that’s so great.

Jennifer Jetsen


December 08, 2016

Great job on this Gift Guide. I love supporting local business and these seem like really great products to check out! Thanks for the tips.

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